There is a large difference between receiving a ticket for Failure to Show Insurance Card and Driving With No Insurance.

Failure to Show Insurance

If you have received a ticket for failure to show insurance card there will be a minimal fine and it does not carry any demerit points but will show up as a conviction on your driving record. Many people pay these tickets thinking that it will not have any effect on their insurance. The truth is that some insurance companies don’t even look at the amount of points you have on your driving record and only consider the number of convictions you have. Insurance rates can double as a result of even a single conviction on your driving record.

Driving With No Insurance

A conviction for driving without insurance comes with far greater consequences. A ticket for this offence means an automatic summons to court. You do not have the option of pleading guilty by paying a fine and must go to the court to answer the charge. If you are convicted there are no demerit points but the conviction carries a minimum mandatory fine of $5000.00 for a first offence.