Small Claims Court… It’s What We Do

~ Does someone owe you money and you just don’t know what to do next?
~ Has your property been damaged?
~ Did you pay for defective work or services?
~ Have you been injured due to someone else’s negligence?

From issuing the Plaintiff’s Claim or Defense through representing you at the court proceedings, we at MTS Paralegal Services will assist you with every step involved with Small Claims Court

Some areas we can assist you:

~ Making sure you have tried to mitigate your losses
~ Giving you an increased probability of a favourable outcome
~ Getting a greater awarded judgment
~ You are entitled to 15% of the judgment towards your legal costs
~ Giving you the information for you to make an educated decision

Some reasons to go to court:

  1. Arrears of Rent
  2. Unpaid Accounts
  3. Damage to Property
  4. Failure to Repay a Loan
  5. Breach of Contract
  6. Recovery of Personal Property